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Need some strategy help


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So I have 2 days left of Turkey hunting with the tag I got. I cant hunt anymore mornings because of home/work situation.

So I've already hunted this spot twice and there are definitely turkeys heading back to a roost, and I know where that roost is. The first afternoon, I heard them gobble right before sunset. I did some light calls and they gobbled back but never walked by me or came to my decoys.

The next evening I tried and moved to where I thought I heard them. They gobbled again but in a different spot, I did light calls and they gobbled back but never walked by me or came to my decoys.

Tomorrow evening, since I know their path I want to try one more time. I have a few questions if you seasoned hunters wouldnt mind helping a new turkey hunter out:

  1. If I'm trying to get them coming back to their roost in the evening, are decoys (I have a jake and a hen) helpful?

  2. Is calling helpful? If so, heavy or light?

  3. Should I wait to see if the turkeys are going to come to me or walk by or head toward their gobbles?

Thanks in advance.

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