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Low velocity Fiocchi slug ammo


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I bought an "Ammo box" (80 rds) of the 7/8 oz, 2 3/4", 1300 FPS slugs a while back. I noticed that the current offerings are 1 oz, 2 3/4", 1150 FPS slugs. I have been in an area where I haven't got to a place to test them out. I was concerned with the fact that the lower recoil of the slugs I bought would fail to function in the M1 Super 90. Since the newer slugs are heavier, yet slower than the ones I have, would the recoil force be comparable? I'm hoping that I can fire them reliably with the 19" bbl and the 7 shot extension tube.

I have a 24" fully rifled, Benelli brand bbl that fails to function reliably with full power slugs when the 7 shot extension tube is used when filled with the saboted 1 1/8" Lightfield slugs (and a Burris 1.75-5x scope). I have to convert it to a 2 shot extension tube in order for the forward weight to be reduced enough for the inertia bold system to function reliably when using the very heavy 24" fully rifled bbl. I am wanting to use the 19" bbl with the 7 shot ext tube (sans scope) for home defense.

I know this is a shot in the dark (no pun intended) to ask here, but has anyone used these Fiocchi light recoil slugs in their M1? How is your gun configured, and do they function reliably? Does anyone know why they changed from the 7/8 oz to 1 oz, and lowered the speed from 1300 to 1150 FPS?

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I have a LEO M1 in the 14” variety and have just finished my first 80 rounds through it. Let me say this as far as functionality goes they were spot on. No malfunctions at all and accurate with palm size groups at 25 yards and iron sights and quite comfortable to shoot. Would recommend these for anyone to shoot. Problem now is availability everyone is out of stock. Give them a shot, they should function fine.

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