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Benelli Lupo Bolt Problem


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I just bought a Lupo, and was checking out the bolt and mistakenly popped the cap off the bolt. I followed the manual to get it back on, however, the firing pin group and cap locked into place in the wrong position. I can’t undo this for the life of me to get this correct. 

Has anyone run into this problem? 

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Per page 27 of the manual, "insert the upturned bolt unit into the guides on the upper receiver and turn it back to the original position." In other words, insert the bolt into the action backward with the bolt handle pointing toward the left side of the rifle. Turn the bolt handle up and over the stock toward the right side of the rifle, and it will return to the correct position. 

The issue I had was re-assembling the bolt once I removed the firing pin. I learned I had to align the square feature on the bolt cap with the cut out on the bolt body, press down firmly, and twist into place. 

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Same thing happened to me.  I bought the Benelli Lupo the 1st year it came out (2 or 3 years ago).  Incredibly accurate rifle until Sept 28th, 2022.  I was on a fly in Moose in Norhtern Manitoba with Ganglers fishing lodge.  2nd day of the hunt while were in the boat and about to get out when I tried to close the bolt I was unable to because the rear section of the 3-piece bolt now rotated an 1/8th or so of an inch and when I tried sliding the bolt into the receiver it was prevented by a metal knob.  The hunt for the rest of the day was over because both the guide and I could not get the bolt to slide into the rifle.  When we got back to camp we slide the bolt out and the entire bolt assembly fell apart into 3 pieces.  This hunt cost me $15,000 and no rifle.  We both tried for 3 days to simply put these 3 pieces together with no luck what so ever.  The guide service lent me a rifle with mere 140 grain deer bullets for the rest of the week.  But this was a moose hunt not a deer hunt.  I have sent the rifle to Bennelli for repair.  Thinking ahead for future hunts I asked if they could repair my bolt but could I buy a 2nd bolt as a backup in case this happens again?  They said they are not able to do that.  This is Benelli a very respected gun manufacture and I am greatly disappointed in them.

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Well, extra bolts hanging around means a stolen rifle could be made live (assuming the bolt was and should have been missing when the gun was stolen). 
I think this is a responsible stance by Benelli. 

On my first field venture I had bolt problems. Fortunately I got a 3G signal and therefore access to the manual. Solved in seconds then. 

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See Eagle Peak’s post above (20 December 2020)

it’s a simple process, just follow the instructions- there’s no need to return your gun for repair - it will just pop back very easily. It’s impossible to turn with just your hands- the blot reversed makes it so easy. 
It WILL happy again so you need to learn the drill. 

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