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Lupo Bolt Cap Reassembly


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Hi Conrad, 

Check out page 29 of the manual https://www.benelliusa.com/sites/default/files/content/media/manuals/2020-12/Lupo Final Manual 02-28-20.pdf

6.Insert the bolt cap into the bolt unit, aligning the marks on the two parts; compress the spring (a) pressing the side button (b) at the same time, then turn the bolt cap counterclockwise (c). NOTE: for this operation, it may be useful to have a support surface.

Essentially, you line up the two red dots, force down, and twist the bolt cap counter-clockwise. It helps to place the bolt face against a hard flat surface while pressing down during the twist. 

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Thanks Eagle Peak,

I failed to mention that I have the manual and did everything accordingly. My bolt doesn't have two red dots but I aligned the two dots that seemed like the ones in the manual with no luck. I finally called Benelli and they had me ship the rifle back to them. The customer service was incredible. The person I dealt with was friendly, apologetic, you name it. Since the rifle is new the shipped me a mailing label and said there would be no charge. It should take about two weeks then back. Thanks again, for replying to me.

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