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Hybrid Engineering anyone ?

alpha 33

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Subject ., Benneli  M4 handguards and factory rail..........Rev 1

So I swapped out my rail for a Scalarworks Sinc and was left with a rail looking for something to do. 

I picked up a set of handguards off epay, quite cheap actually and thats a good thing if this doesn't work.

After about an hour of not so deep thought and labor (which was also not very intense), I came up with this., see pics.

I intend to mount a forward pistolgrip/weapons light on it. Surefire M900 comes to mind if I can just find it.

The rail is offset to one side because to center it would put the screw holes half on one side half on the other. Wouldn't work.

I chose the left side because I normally shoot from the right side. I don't believe the slight offset to be a problem.

The 4th pic is of the factory rail screws. One eighth in. long......For a good snug fit I need to find the same screws that are about a quarter in. long. Anyone have 5 they would part with???

Floor model drill press, set of drills, tap & die set and a center punch.

I think it should work well with a longer set of screws, more bearing surface = a more ridged attachment.

Time will tell, thoughts?





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