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Nova Pump Problems


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I recently bought a Benelli Nova Pump shotgun about 2 months ago and I am having a couple of issues with it and I am wondering if anyone else has seen this.


I have been taking the shotgun out duck and goose hunting in the last couple of weeks and it seems that every once in a while when I pull up to shot at a bird the gun will miss fire. After ejecting the shell out of the gun I am noticing that the primer on the shell is not struck but I do hear the firing pin click when it was fired. This has happen to me about six times out of the last five hunting trips I have gone on


I have also noticed about 3 times that when I have pumped a shell in the chamber the breach doesn't close all the way. This seems to happen right away in the morning on the first shell that is put in the chamber. I end up having to pump the shell out of the chamber and really moving the slide fast to get the breach to close all the way.


When I first go the gun I didn't have any of these problems and it seems that in the last few weeks the only changing factor in my hunting is that the temp has been close to below freezing.


I guess I am wondering if anyone has any ideas on the problem? I have talked to some friends of my and they have heard of new guns being shipped with a heavy grease on the action which have cause similar problems in freezing conditions. They have suggested using gun scrub on the action to see if that fixes the problem. I haven't tried that yet but I was wondering if anyone has experienced similar problems with their Nova Pumps?


Thanks for any help anyone can give me!

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never had those problems with mine.


have you taken the firing pin out and cleaned it very well?


i used my nova on only two hunts in sub 32 and never had a problem, but it was well used by that time. i'd break it down and take the bolt out and firing pin and clean everything and then put some grease on the rails and slide and oil the rest and see.

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