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Benelli 121M1 HELP!!!!


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I have a 121M1 which has always worked great for me. It may be older, and not as slick as the new M1S90, but it has me hooked. Unfortunately, the wood has cracked...


Are there any synthetic stocks and forends I can replace the wood with?


Can I just buy a M1S90 style synthetic stock and "slightly modify it" to the 121M1?


Does anyone else out there have one of these 121M1's?


How much is a 121M1 worth today?


Thank you for your time and all your help,



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I have a 121 which was my first Benelli. Check out CDNN Investments, last time I looked they had stocks and foreends for the M121 in wood. Don't know about the synthetic stuff. The 121 stays in the safe as I now use my M1S90's. Hope this helps. Oh yeah, they have barrels too.

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I also had to replace my 121 M1 stock; however, finding one proved difficult. Moreover, there were conflicting stories whether M1S90 stock would fit the 121. In fact, I email Benelli Italy with this same question, but my message went answered. Perhaps if I had written it in Italian, I may very well could have gotten a response.


In the end I settled for a set of original wood furniture that I found in Italy. If you are still in need of one, drop me a line.


While not the original, CDNN has SL80 stocks, which will work with 121 M1; however, the forearm from an SL80 will not fit on the 121


Good luck,

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