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Hey I joined the other day and I just purchased an M1 90 Tactical that is marked H&K w/ 18" Bbl. w/rifle sights. I've gotten it all tore down for cleaning, the previous owner obviously didn't relize what he had and never really cleaned it from what I could see. But I got it all cleaned up except for the stock tube that holds the recoil system I can't ge the 17mm nut to loosen up so I can clean and lubricate the spring and recoil piston, when I go to loosen it, it wants to unscrew at the receiver. My question is if I remove the whole tube from the receiver will the recoil piston stay in the tube housing, I don't want to crank down on my vice and damage the receiver, but if it will come completely off the receiver with out losing any parts then I could put the Tube in my vice to maybe loosen the nut to be able to take it apart and properly clean it up and lubricate it. Also I was wanting to have it refinished in Bronze Cerakote Finish, would that hurt the value of this particular M1 90. And is there a way to mount a set of the Ghost Ring Style Sight on the receiver or is that not a good idea. I've read were the shape of the top of the receiver on the M1 90 is more flat and that may cause the screws to break, is that true if not a problem what brand of sight would be a good one to get. Sorry for the long post but this is my first M1 90 Benelli that I've owned, I've had plenty of Remington 870's and 1100's in the Tactical model. Thanks in advance for any answers to my questions.

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