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Questions about Supernova (features/conversions)


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I was always seeking a modular pump, and I feel that Supernova may be the one. The goal is to assemble the components to have the Supernova convertible to "field gun" (26'' barrel + Comfortech grip), "slug gun" (Steady grip + red dot scope), "tactical" (Steady Grip + rear sight).


I would appreciate your input on the following issues (so far, I was unable to find answers at the Benelli site or the forum):

1. Is the "standard" receiver drilled and tapped (D&T) for scopes (weavered)? If not, I assume that the only option then would be to get the slug version receiver; correct?

2. Are the Supernova barrels Cryo treated? If not, would it make any difference? (I have read a lot about these barrels in regard to the M2 and SBEII)

3. Are there (or, will be there) extension magazines and corresponding limiters?

4. Is it possible to convert it to the tactical version, by getting the tact barrel and add the rear sights? (wouldn't the latter feature need special drilling ojn the receiver?)

5. Are the barrels chromed?

6. A Q out of ingorance: Why one would get a slug barrel with cantilever rather than a slug barrel with sights (refering to the options at the Benelli site)? My feeling is the lack of drilling...

7.Do you have any experience with the Burris red dot?

8. based on the above (e.g. available D&T), with which "basis" model should I start? The field, or the slug?

9. Any suggestions where to start looking for the individual parts?

Thank you much for your help!


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Good questions.


Question 1 will answer question 6, and visa-versa. The reciever is not drilled and tapped. A cantilever barrel would be your best bet for scopes. There are some mounts that mount onto the reciever, but they have dubious results.


Question 2: I am fairly certain that they are not crio-treated.


Question 3: Yes. Tacstar makes some. However, I have not heard anything about their quality. Standard Nova extensions should fit.


I have to get back to work... may answer more later.

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Thanks for the reply. What you mention, somehow makes sense especially if you got the Turkey version. Theya re shown in the Bennelli site with scopes so I assumed that they must be D&T. When you try to Burris and have the time for it, I would really appreciate if you could post a note about its performance.

Thanks again!

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