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M2 Extraction Issue


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I'm having issues with extraction on my new M2. Specifically, low-base shells with aluminum or steel bases are sticking in the chamber and not extracting, even with higher dram loads like 3 1/8. Brass base runs flawlessly, even for 2 3/4 dram eq. loads. Any tips or advice on how to address this? Obviously, sticking to better ammo is the main option, but I would like the flexibility seeing as aluminum base is so ubiquitous. I have a different inertia gun that doesn't struggle with this. Am I overlubricating? Forgetting to clean something? Need a better extractor spring?

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To elaborate on the malfunction, the shotgun fires, the bolt cycles back but does not extract the spent shell, the next shell loads from the magazine, and the bolt travels forward again attempting to chamber the new shell, only for it to hit the back of the unspent case, jamming the gun.

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