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Benelli M4 Stock Options / Shorter LOP Field Stock

David Deyarmin

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I would like to use a "Field Stock" on my M4 with a 13" LOP




I really don't want to modify a stock but I might have to as a last resort

I don't want a pistol grip stock so the Mesa Urbino is not an option

I have read that the M1 stocks work on the M4 but do not have concrete proof of this

If you have an M1 and an M4 and wouldn't mind doing a stock swap to confirm this I would appreciate it

Other then the M1 option, if it works, I really have not found any other shorter field stocks



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I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of cutting down my field stock, however I too wanted a 13” LOP. I started by marking 1 1/8” cut line on the stock. Next I roughed up the interior for the epoxy for the new screw hole. I taped a large sheet of sandpaper to my bench top to sand flush. I chose the small Limb-saver grind to fit recoil pad and epoxied on a hand fitted “key” to the bottom of the limb-saver that’s fits between the rib in the interior of the stock and the lower epoxy. I purchased a 4 x 36 belt sander from Harbor Freight for the Limb-saver fitting. It ended up at 13 1/16th. I am very happy with the length.



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I had all but one of my field stocks shortened little over 13”. How are you going to have a shorter field stock without removing material?

The M1 stock does not fit the M4, I own both.



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Sorry if I was unclear. I marked the stock at 1 1/8” and cut off at that line. The removed portion is below the trigger guard.


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