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Followers and Mag Tube Springs


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I have an OEM all red follower and I'm assuming that is polymer even though it doesn't feel like it. I bought model 11707. Please let me know if it is not polymer.

My question: is GG&G follower an upgrade? Does it push the rounds better?


I have heard mix things about the OEM mag tube spring. Some people think Benelli makes 5 mag tube spring when this is just not true. I added an OEM mag tube extension but some say that they've had issues and some say that spring is for the full 7 mag tube, which I agree. Just replace the spring and not worry about any malfunctions?

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1. IMHO, a follower is more or less a follower, and the least important upgrade for this gun. Far more experienced M4 owners than I on this forum use the stock follower with no complaints.  

2. You are correct in that the stock spring is designed for 7 shells, but now Benelli itself apparently offers ... https://www.benelliparts.net/products/benelli-m4-7rd-magazine-spring-new-thick-gauge. (???)

What the hell? If the stock spring is designed for 7 shells, then why offer an OEM upgrade? And the answer is, of course ... wait for it ... money. With other companies making money on upgraded springs, Benelli simply jumped in on the game. Who can blame them. Hell, their upgraded spring may very well be made by one of the other companies.

Moves like this reminds me of Harley Davidson where for each and every stock part, they offer an upgraded, more expensive Screaming Eagle part. Very smart. I have spent a small fortune in my lifetime on upgraded, more expensive Screaming Eagle parts. What a sucker. LOL 

Anyway, I imagine the stock spring - the same one being used by militaries around the world with nary a malfunction - is just fine. That said, when I purchased DMW's  beautifully made magazine tube extension kit, an upgraded spring came with it, and that upgraded spring is clearly beefier, longer, and more confidence-inspiring than the stock one, so that's the one I'm using. 





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