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Knock around ethos


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Knock around ethos

I’ve been looking over a lot of the forum post and reading a lot about the new releases by Benelli in the 28 ga. I however do mostly upland game hunting, quail, dove, grouse, and pheasant. I don’t do waterfowl hunting where I live and it seems the SBE3 is geared mostly for that. In addition the High POI/POA talk makes it seems to me that the SBE3 would not be a good choice.

Looking at the Ethos it appears to be a better gun suited for the upland game hunting I do. A light quick 26 inch barrels ethos in a 28 ga with its lower rib seems to be what I’m looking for. My problem is it’s too pretty. Can Benelli make a knock around ethos. One with the SBE3 camo stocks and a flat satin finish in brown, grey, or some other Cerikote finish? Yes I see the Cordoba and the BE.sT models, but they all have longer barrels and a high ribs. 

Is there an all black finishes Ethos 28ga? 

Can you interchange the Comfort tech stocks from the SBE3 on to an ethos? 

Can the SBE3 have an ethos low rib put on it?

I just want a good upland bird gun that does not look too pretty to go knocking around with in the woods. 

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