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Benelli SuperNova - Pin question


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Hello folks! First time poster here but I was hoping you might be able to help. I have a 4 years old SuperNova, bought new and no issue with it. Perfectly reliable and perfect for me. This gun shot over 6000 rounds easily and I have been cleaning it everytime it was out. 

Last time I cleaned it, the ejector pin and spring jump out of the gun after I wiped the region with a soft dry cloth. I also found a small pin with it. I never saw this pin before and it is part number 047N according to the manual (#12 in the picture) with the simple description "PIN"... It seems to only "be in the rail" but it seems odd to me. Now when I remove the barrel and tilt the gun down, the ejector pin and spring are sliding out of the gun which never occured in the past as far as I know. 

The pin is too large to fit in the spring like the ejector pin does and "floats" freely in the rail when I put it befor the spring. When I tried to insert the spring and ejector pin first to then install this pin, it just didn't make any sense since the little thing fell off right away. 

When I try to load multiple shells in the gun, everything seems to be working just fine. It cycle fine, the shells are ejecting perfectly. But... I'm 100% that the ejector pin and spring used to stay pefectly in place... 

Do you guys have an idea of what I am facing here?Screenshot-2023-10-06-at-1-54-30-PM.png

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