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Buying Ghost Ring's for Nova? Read this


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Bought a 26" Nova pump last year and recently sold that barrel in favor of the 18.5 inch barrel. Did my research, saved some cash and after many talks with the Local Gun Store, put in the order for the Ghost Ring Sight 18.5 inch barrel. I looked carefully at the Official dealer order form so I was confident at what I was getting, no surprises. Two weeks later, pick up the box and take it home. To my shock there's no "Ghost Ring" sights. Only the barrel came with those two wings and one dot in the front. Called the gun store and they said bring it over. They too were also confused at why no rear sights came so they called Benelli. Benelli pulled the youalsohavetoorderthe"ghostring"seperately on me.

There's a 35 dollar difference between the Ghost ring barrel and the rifle dot barrel, What do you assume? Your paying 35 bucks more for the sights. Nowhere on the Dealer Order Form, DOF, was there any mention of the Rear Sights. The rear sights now cost another 95 dollars w/o tax for a plate, some screws and the "actual" gr sight. These three part numbers are only with Benelli, not on the DOF. I wrote a pretty stern email telling them to specfically write a note next to the "ghost ring" sight barrel in the future for others and in return for my bluntness, got some pretty sad explanations and a threat of "we do not tolerate people who go against a company of tradition and quality products bs."


Just warning you guys if you ever need to buy a 18.5 barrel for you nova, its gonna cost 370+, just get another Reming...oops I mean Benelli.


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