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ETHOS walnut buttstock finish is going bad


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I’ve only had my Benelli ETHOS for 2.5 years. I’ve used it on 5 hunts. I kept it spotless at all times.

Went on a Chukar hunt Monday and noticed small bumps on the buttstock that you could scratch off and I noticed the “gloss”coating is starting to deteriorate. No idea why. No solvents have ever touched the walnut. The forearm wood is perfect, no issues. It almost like the buttstock is warping from the inside and protruding out. BB size bumps on the buttstock that can be scratched off with my fingernail.  It has me stumped and sad. I emailed Benelli. I’m hoping they will make it right. To replace it on my dime, it would cost $655. Any idea what could have caused this? Worst case, Benelli won’t replace it, could someone into gun woodworking get it back to its original condition? I’m 100% confident I didn’t do anything to damage the wood.  It’s kept in a climate controlled gun safe and it has never been exposed to rain, water, or solvents. I went on a hunt last fall and noticed a few of the bumps, but thought nothing of it. Monday, I noticed the buttstock is getting worse and worse. 

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Found this article.  My stock is blistering.  Article stated 

Most causes for bubbles can be directly related to stain not being properly dried prior to applying sealer and topcoat. What happens is that the stain is still releasing solvent after the sealer and topcoat have been applied, thus causing bubbles.” 


Thoughts?  Do you think Benelli will replace my buttstock? 

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