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Sights for Our Super Nova Tacticals

Guest DocLRRP

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Guest DocLRRP

I am looking for some nice tactical sights for my wife's and my Super Nova Tacticals. The Eotech Sights(512A65) with mounts are $937.50, tax included, for the pair. Now, this is more than I paid for the two guns, $399 for mine and $440 for my wife's as hers has the Comfor Tech system. Add tax in and I payed $894 for the two guns.

I really do not want to spend close to a grand for the sights so I come to all of you asking for some help. The mounts will cost about $100 complete. So, I need your advice. My real budget is about $500 for the two sights.

BSA has a 50mm Red Dot for $199 each but I was told that they are crapola. If this is not so, then my problem is solved. If there are better alternatives within my buget i will do it. HELP!!! And thanks in advance. I am fine with the tactics of battle just not well versed in the new technologies.

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From a different thread.


Well, I wanted the Eotech but I use the BSA Panoramic Multi-Reticle Sight. I have one on my Nova that I hunt with and I love it. I am able to get a sight on my targets way faster than the normal sights in the barrel. I went shooting and after 150 rounds it not once lost its sighting. So I decided it was good enough to go on my Super Nova tactical. Plus at $50.00 it saved me $400.00 by not getting the EOtech. I got it from Natchez Shooters.
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