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Supersport 20 gauge?


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There is not presently a 20 gauge sporting model from Benelli. I am hoping one will be created at some point in the future. In addition to copying all the great features of the 12 gauge Supersport here are some suggestions of other features to consider:


1) Provide weights in the buttstock and forend that allow the 20 to have the same weight and MOI as the 12 gauge Supersport. Allow the customer to remove some of the weights, if desired, to lower the weight of the gun. My reason for asking for this feature is to enable changing from the 12 to the 20 gauge while maintaining the same "feel". Another reason for asking for this feature is to provide minimum felt recoil. I spent the day at a shooting range. While shooting skeet, a number of the other shooters were using sub-gauge guns. Their professed reason for doing this was to reduce felt recoil. 7.9 lbs is 36% heavier than the 5.8 lbs of a 20 gauge M1 today.


2) Provide an optional sub-gauge barrel set (28 gauge and .410). Some of the shooters today were using O/U's with matched barrel sets so as to get similar feel. If providing this feature would mean the 20 gauge would be limited to 1 oz 2 3/4 inch loads maximum, that's okay with me. If I want to use a gun like this for hunting, limiting myself to 2 3/4 inch cartridges would not be a detriment. I say this because a firearm like this would likely be attractive to people pursuing dove hunting in S. America.


3) Provide an optional youth stock that will fit this frame. This low recoil model would be an ideal gun for a child.


4) Could you create an optional recoil pad for women that will fit the M2, SBE II, Supersport and this gun? It needs to have a slight cant to it to accomodate a womans physiology and drop at the heel to help raise the comb to accomodate the higher cheekbones of women. Since a higher percentage of women are reputed to be left-eye dominant than men, you may want to create a left-hand version of the recoil pad as well. Women will also benefit from a palm swell that could be applied to the grip to help accomodate smaller hands (I am aware EAR makes one, it's not quite what I am describing).


I know this bulletin board is moderated by Benelli. I am hoping these suggestions will make it to your marketing team and engineers in Italy. Other companies are not doing a very good job of addressing women shooters, claiming they make up only a small percentage of shooters today. If there were more guns made that did a better job of fitting women, there might be more women shooters today.


Do other members have suggestions?

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