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Patterning problems with M1-S90


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I cannot get a decent pattern out of my gun. At 40 yards and within a 6" circle the best I got was 12 pellets with the full choke. There were alot of voids and flyers in the 30" circle. The Ic,M,IM chokes were worse. I used Federal and Winchester 71/2 & 8 shot, both in high and low ( and no brass) brass shells. I also tried steel shot in # 1,2,3 Remington, Federal, Winchester. The best out of this was 10 pellets in the 6" circle with Mod. choke. Ic choke was worse and as before I had voids and flyers in the 30"circle. I planned on using this gun for dove and duck hunting. Would an aftermarket extended choke help? :D I got two Kicks chokes in Mod. and Full and this seemed to have solved some or most of my problems with the poor pattern.


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