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General maintenance on the Montefeltro


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LOL, no, just kidding. It's loctited into the receiver on the old and new ones. Only difference is on the very newest ones, there are flats on the end of it that you can put a wrench on to unscrew it. If it doesnt have the flats dont try it you'll only break it. If you must, remove the forend, barrel, bolt and trigger assembly and use a heat gun (NOT A FLAME) to heat the receiver where the tube is screwed in to loosen the loctite. If you put the tube in a vise to turn it you'll probably bend it so put the receiver in a padded vise and grab the tube with a damp cloth and turn it out. If you dont want to do this, just get a can of gunscrubber and spray it through the hole in the mag follower and let it run out the plug end. BTW, if you are successful in removing it, make sure you at least put some low strength loctite back on it to keep it from backing out while shooting. If you dont, the barrel wont be seated properly into the receiver and bad things can happen.

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