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Briley Chamber Brushes Review w/SBEII


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I had recently purchased two Briley Chamber Brushes to help clean the chamber area and choke tubes on my SBEII.


They are the E-Z Chamber Brush & Chamber Brush at MPC Sports .


I used them for the first time yesterday.


The bristles on the Chamber Brush model are very stiff to the point of unusable. The E-Z Chamber Brush bristles are what I consider enough force to clean without causing undue pressure against the barrel.


Both the E-Z Chamber Brush and the Chamber Brush from Briley are too short to be used as chamber brushes on the SBEII.


As you know, the top part of the receiver is part of the barrel on the SBEII and it adds an extra approximately 8 inches to reach the chamber.


The handles on both chamber brush models do not allow you to push the brush into the chamber without the handles needing to be in the top half of the receiver. If you do continue to push, you are going to have a very difficult time removing the brush since you cannot grip the handles.


In summary,


Briley E-Z Chamber Brush



  • 1) The bristles are the correct stiffness for cleaning the chamber or choke tube in my opinion.


  • 1) Too short for SBEII.

Briley Chamber Brush



  • 1) None.


  • 1) Too short for SBEII.
  • 2) Bristles are too stiff for my comfort.

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