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DISREGARD - see later post above (Benelli M4 or M1014 stock; legal question


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I realize that this issue is being touched on in other threads, but I would like to bring it to the forefront and see if we can get any official Benelli comments on it.


From my telephone conversations with Benelli, it's my understanding that the Benelli M4 (Part No. 11707) has been designated as a "law enforcement" model. It includes a pistol grip and non-collapsible stock, but I am unclear whether the stock is the standard stock or the "skeletonized" version.


During the AWB, that shotgun was available for civilian purchase, and it was in compliance (at that time) with the AWB, because it had a fixed magazine of less than 5 rounds and no collapsing stock. I also seem to recall that Benelli did not OFFER any collapsible stock to non-LE persons.


Now that the AWB has expired, there is no legal limitation on the number of rounds in the magazine, and there is no legal restriction (under the expired AWB) against having a collapsible stock. In speaking with a person at Benelli, I was told that a true collapsible stock (Part No. 70085) is now (as of last week) being made available to ANYONE who wishes to add such a feature to their M4.


In view of the Benelli shotguns being "imported" into the US, I understand that the 1989 import ban is now the primary legal impediment to certain modifications to Benelli shotguns, under the so-called "sporting purpose" tests employed by ATF. I also understand that such determinations are based largely upon the number of imported parts used on the gun. I believe that such provisions affected the M4, but also the M1 and the M3.


When I mentioned on another board that such a collapsible stock was being made available by Benelli, it was met with much skepticism, and some called this "B.S." What I would like to know from Benelli is simply this: What changed?


Here are some specific questions, in no particular order:


(1) Is the M4 somehow exempt from what would otherwise be a legal restriction against that shotgun having a collapsible stock? In other words, are there enough US-made components, or some other set of circumstances that avoids such issues?


(2)Benelli taking the position that it can sell a collapsible stock by itself to anyone, and it's entirely up to the end user to determine whether modified guns using that are legal


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