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Need Help Cleaning a Nova


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I'm a new gun owner and am looking for some help on how to properly clean my new Nova tactical. My gun is primarly for HD, however, I do shoot around 50 - 100 clay shells through it every week or so. My primary concern in clenaing it is to make sure I keep it nice, maintain its reliablity for defense, and don't hurt it.


I have several questions regarding types of cleaning products and techniques. Any help you seasoned gun owners can give me would be much appreciated!


Currently I have a Kleen-Bore kit that included one bottle of "Formula 3" gun conditioner. I was told that was all I needed to clean and lube my Nova.


I've read a lot of discussion on this and other boards regarding prodcuts like Militec, Hoppes No. 9, Breakfree CLP, Tetragun, TW25B, silicone rags, etc. Additinally, I've read about different types of cleaning products like solvants, lubricants, action cleaners, degreasers, etc.


1.) What are these products, what do they do, and when do I use them in the cleaning process?


2.) Is my "Formula 3" a solvant / oil combo? If so, is it sufficent to use it alone? Or would I be better off using a combination of seperate products?


3.) Is a solvant the same as a degreaser?


4.) When and what do I want to degrease on my Nova?


5.) Should I always use a solvant when cleaning?


6.) Do I only use a solvant on the inside of the bore?


7.) Should I only use oil or is it preferable to use grease in some areas?


8.) What parts should I oil / grease? All metal? Only external metal? Or only metal to metal contact areas?


9.) For outside metal (basically the barrel and mag tube on my Nova) is it better to lightly oil it, or degrease it and apply silicone from a silicone rag?


Finally, let me tell you how I cleaned it the first time. Please critique what I did and provide any tips or hints for better care.


1.) I disassembled the gun according to my manual (remove barrel, trigger group, bolt (the slidey thing right?), and forend). I did not disassemble the trigger group other than removing it from the reciever.


2.) Tried to remove all exisiting oil / grease from factory with a patch.


3.) Put "Solution 3" on patchs and wiped down inside of reciever, magazine tube, bolt, forend rails.


4.) Wiped off "Solution 3" from step 3 with clean patches.


5.) Reapplied a light coat of "Solution 3" to all metal parts, inside of reciever, bolt, magazine tube, etc. Tried to leave a little more "Solution 3" on areas that looked like they had heavy contact (bolt rails, forend rails, bolt, springs inside reciever). I did not use grease.


6.) Buffed off any excess oil (except heavy contact areas from step 5) with clean patches.


7.) Cleaned the inside of the bore. First whet through with a patch saturated with "Solution 3". Next scrubbed up and down with a copper bore brush. Also I pushed the bore brush out the front of the muzzle and pulled it back through. Question: Should I scrub up and down with the bore bush or only push it through in one direction? If only one direction, does that mean I push it through, unscrew it from the rod, pull the rod out, reassmble and repeat? Also, after I cleaned the first time, I read that the rod should not touch the muzzle. Does that mean I should never push anything out the end or pull stuff back up through the bore (brush, patchs, etc.)? I did this, so is my muzzle / bore ruined?


8.) "Scrubbed" clean patches up and down barrel untill they came out "clean" (there was still some dirty / gray edges, but no cunks of sutff or black specs).


9.) Finally, pushed a patch of "Solution 3" throught he bore to lightly oil it, and then followed with a few clean patches.


10.) Wiped down all polymer parts with a silicone rag.


Is this a good cleaning procedure? Should I use different products or do different things?


You can see that I'm new and have a lot of questions. But I want to learn and take good care of my gun(s). I certianly appreciate any help, tips, and insight you can give me about this stuff.



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Well, I certinaly hope it's clean enough and that I left enough oil to properly lubricate. However, I still wonder if I should be using other products besides Kleen-Bore "Solution 3"?


I really like the silicone rag. It really gives the polymer a nice luster and sheen. Also, my wife thinks it makes the gun smell "pretty." ha ha


Still hoping someone can answer my questions regarding the different types and brands of cleaning products...



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