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Help - Choke Question


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I just recently purchased an SBEII and don't have time to buy after market choke tubes prior to the opener Saturday. We usually do a combination of pass shooting and decoy which Benelli choke should I use?


I will probably be shooting a combination of 3 and 3 1/2 inch shells?


Any help would be appreciated.

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Hey TBone: Throw the Mod in and put it on em!

I found while paper testing my SBEII that the 3" where in the center of the target and the 3 1/2" shot high and left. I shimmed the stock to compensate for hi hitting 3 1/2" loads and now there's trouble amoungst the honkers decoys. From my meger experience you shoot one or the other and set the firearm up for that specific load for optimum performance.

Hope this helps out

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