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I like Cordoba, but still need some


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I wana buy a semi automatic Shot gun 12-Guage. But I wana buy the best shot gun 12-Guage (Semiautomatic). And the shot gun must be extraordinary in all angles.


I have three shot gun in my mind in Benelli. But if you know any better shot gun, other than Benelli, then let me know. So plz send details and price too.


1. Super Black Eagle II (SBE II 28" Comfor-Tech MAX-4) 12-Guage



2. Cordoba (28”, Synthetic) 12-Guage. (I think this gun fits me from all angles).



3. M2 Field (28" Comfor-Tech MAX-4) 12-Guage




I am not a regular user of 3 ½ shells. My regular Shell size is 2 ¾ and 3”.


My regular shell details:


Pressure of at least 850 Kg per SQ cm.

Shot Load: 31 g

Velocity : 300m/sec minimum

Patter at 35m in 70 cm DIA.Circle: 70%

Chamber. 2 ¾ “/ 67.5mm



Can you plz tell me the differences in the above three shot guns? Detail plz.


There is the only difference in SBE II and M2 field (above guns) is SBE II can use 3 ½ shells? Am I right?


I know Cordoba (28”, Synthetic) BNL10636 is with five extended chokes (CrioChoke).


Is Cordoba has the corrosion resistant recoil tube and spring can be accessed easily by removing the quick-detachable recoil pad?



If you feel that any of my information regarding these three shot guns (above) wrong, then let me know?


Plz tell me the prices of these three guns (box pack)?

And availability store in NY with price? (If you know any)?



Plz reply me step by step and in details according to my message.


Which Shot Gun in above is the best according to you?


I need shot gun for Duck Hunting, Quail hunting, partridge Hunting, Clay shooting & Dove hunting.



Reply me in details, and then I’ll select the best shotgun. Need your help to get the best shot gun.



I’ll be grateful.



Elen. :rolleyes:

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