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Choosing The Choke


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I saw lots of articles about chokes in this site but i couldn't choose one.


Using lead shots are not banded in my country. So i use only them.

I have a benelli nova 28".

I love extremly long shots, Over 70 yards.

What is your suggestion to me for buying a choke?

Terror, P.Master, Supreme or what? And which type?

Thanks for your answers.

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I asked a buddy and here is his reply


Re: lead question



The answer to that question will depend on the size shot he intends to shoot and whether the loads are buffered or unbuffered. As you saw from my patterning of the .675" Terror and lead 7 1/2's through 5's, the choke produced even, but not exceptionally tight patterns. A good turkey choke in .685" to .665" would probably have given tighter patterns, at least with the slower loads. I don't have a .655" Terror, so I don't know how it may compare with the standard turkey chokes. Also, I don't know if he intends to shoot buffered or non-buffered loads. Generally, buffered lead loads can be shot through tighter chokes without pattern deterioration than unbuffered lead loads.


If he wants to shoot as far as he says, he probably should be shooting Hevishot and using the .655" Terror. It's hard to hold lead shot together that far, particularly in a 12ga.

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