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Propery M1 Super 90 lubing


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I recently bought my first shotgun, a used M1 Super 90 (after my first daughter was born) and I noticed that it had a hard time cycling light and normal game loads. I cleaned and lubed it the best I could but it still keep choking on loads it should have been able to cycle fine. I sent it in to benelli to have them look at it and when I got it back the gunsmith just said that it was a little too dry and needed to be lubed better, but he didn't say how exactly. I'm worried that, even though it was fixed by the gunsmith and I'm going to do my best to keep it clean and lubricated, it's evetually going to start choking again. My question is, "can anyone tell me the best way to lubricate my Super 90 to keep it working smoothly (ie which parts need it the most, how much gun oil, etc. )"?


Thanks a million.

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Can't address your answer specifically, but I do have a couple of links in the cleaning/prevention department that everyone should take a look at:






Don't mean to hijack... I figured this might be helpful at any rate.

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Dont use a light or thin oil. Use something that has some vicosity to it like Militec, Breakfree or 30weight syn. motor oil (Mobil1). Put it on the bolt rails where the bolt contacts and slides. Also, work some into the recoil assy that goes down into the stock. 2 ways. 1. Remove the trigger assy and bolt and using a cleaning rod to depress the plunger down into the tube, drip some oil down into the tube and use the cleaning rod to work it in some. 2. (quickie oil). Remove the stock exposing the recoil tube to find a air hole in the distal part of the tube and squirt some oil in it, work the bolt a few times and put the stock back on. You dont really want it squishy sounding but dont be too stingy with it either.

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