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Military M1014 Manual?


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I've seen it on Ebay. It looks like a more thourough manual concerning the Benelli M4. Those of you familiar with the M16 field would be right at home with it.

Is there a online version of this anywhere? Frankly, the manual that the Benelli M4 comes with that is given to civilians sucks. I still don't fully understand how the ARGO system work, and what the function of a lot of the parts inside of the gas system do. I have my own theories, but I would prefer written facts.

I understand it's a impingment piston driven system, but I don't fully understand how the system bleeds off the apropriate amount of gas to cycle the weapon, and where the excess gas is directed -- back into the barrel?

What does the spring inside of the piston plug do? Is that what bleeds the right amount of preasure to cycle the weapon?

None of this is really explained in the manual.

I find it interesting that the pistons are free floating. If you lock the bolt back, and shake the weapon, you can hear and see them sliding back and forth. When in battery, they are pushed forward and locked into position. Seems like undue strain is put on the piston when the bolt slams back into the pistons during every cycle.

Maybe that's why mine broke. :mad:


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