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Benelli SUper Black II

Mark A Thompson

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I like using borescruuber for my initial cleaning and then for metal parts I really like electrical contact cleaner, avaiable at electronic or auto parts stores. It remooves all grease and residue and does not leave anything behind. After that a DROP of teflon based oil on metal to metal contact rails and just a wipe with an oily cloth on metal. Ditto for the barrel. I also like to get silicone gel packs I save them from items that I puuchase, heat them in an oven at 150F for about half an hore to regenerate them. Put them in a cloth sac or old cotton tube sock and leave them in you gun case. The sock I usually leave oiled lightly on one side( just a spray) so I use it to wipe down the gun after each day. Use a case with a gasket too.


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I am happy with the following products to clean and lube my SBEII.

M-PRO 7 to clean the gun.


I purchased Slip2000 Piston & Choke Tube Cleaner and use FP-10 for oiling the gun. Shooter Choice is licensed to use the FP-10 oil. You can get FP-10 Lubricant at Brownells stock number 934-110-004. CheaperThanDirt also carries the FP-10 oil.


BTW: Are you talking about the outside of the barrel or the inside of the barrel?


Hope this helps. -threeshot

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