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Proper care of new Montefeltro


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Hey guys. This is my first post. For Christmas, I got a new 12 gauge Montefeltro. Galyans had them on clearance for what I thought was an excellent price. I originally planned on reselling it but thought I'd probably never buy myself a shotgun this nice in the future, so I've decided to keep it. I think it is a beatiful weapon and am really looking forward to shooting it.


I'm thinking about taking up skeet shooting as my new hobby for 2005. It seems like it would be a fairly inexpensive hobby as compared to the existing IDPA, IPSC 3-gun, steel challenge, and GSSF matches I shoot regularly.


My question is as follows. Where are the proper lube points on this gun? My AR15 needs to be sloppy wet with lube whereas my Glocks need only 6 drops of lube in specific places. I don't want to shoot this gun wet if it doesn't like or need it. I also don't want to shoot it dry and hurt something on it. The owner's manual was pretty poor in my opinion and had no diagram for a "newbie" like me of where to specifically lube the gun. I did read in the owner's manual that it needs very little care and maintenance other than cleaning regularly. I plan on going to the skeet range later this afternoon, but the gun is completely the way that it came from the factory. I have run a bore snake down it a couple of times and ran a patch with some BreakFree CLP down the barrel. Is there anything else I need to do before shooting it?


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Do not soak it!! clean the barrell with lube and whatever you do to not get oil in the firing mech. that will cause your gun to Jam. So many people I see if the gun jams they squirt lube or oil into the firing mech. And that only makes things worse. Its technology. It will not always function perfect. But with Benelli its as close to perfect as possible.

Also you will find that the gun of choice for skeet is a 20 GA. People consider 12ga cheating. I dont. If your breaking the clays, thats all that matters! Its like hunting. It dosent matter if its a 30-6 or a 300 WIN MAG. Dead is Dead! But to some people it does matter. Hope this helps

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