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Low gun trap shooting with the Montefeltro Super 90

DJ Dan

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I'm a rabbit & pheasant hunter who shoots clays strictly for fun. I'm a 7 on a 1-10 scale as a shooter. Very instinctive, never see the barrel, move mount and shoot. If you want some real fun go to a shooting range and have the trap guy pull a round just for you alone. I've done it twice with my Montefeltro Super 90 20 guage, for my money one of the world's 2 sweetest shotguns (the other's my Franchi 48AL 28 guage). Feeding the shells as fast as I can and calling for the bird the second the shell chambers and shooting from LOW GUN (stock at hip level), I can hit 18 or 19 trap at 25 yards consistently shooting the second the gun hits my shoulder or with just a brief "pull away". I'm convinced most clay and live bird shooters "ride their birds" and try to be exact and perfect. With improved cylinder choke, at 58 years old with glasses, for me to be able to hit 18-19 trap with IC and one ounce of 7 1/2's just covering, pull away and shoot says a LOT for a gun NOBODY considers a "proper trap gun". If anybody tries my ideas let me know how you come out. (PS: Any bird hunter who shoots clays from the high gun position is wasting their time to me)

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