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Franchi 48AL Hunter XXV


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I just purchased a used Franchi 12 gauge. It squeeked when I pushed the barrel back so I very lightly wiped some oil on the tube that the main spring rides on. I have heard that this is not supposed to be oiled. So I have wiped it down. Did I do any damage? The gun has 48AL hunter on the side and has 24' barrel with 4 stars that I am guessimg means its barrel is modified, but I can never remember the code. 3 Stars is Modified and four Improved or vice versa. How many shells its suppose to hold is also a mystery as is the whole loading process. Do you put one in the chamber, press the buttom and then turn it upside down press the button again and push in a couple more? How are you suppose to eject shells that are in the magazine but you don't want to fire them?


Thanks for any help..



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