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SBEII/Steady Grip- Perfect Fit


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I have an SBEII in black and wanted to add a Steady Grip. I followed many forum threads concerning the Steady Grip for a while and ultimately as a result ordered a Steady Grip from a posting member (the cut/copy/pasted post follows below). My report is that he price was right, $85.00 plus $6.00 shipping (going rate for SG otherwise seen around $150.00 if available), shipping was fast (5 biz days UPS from west coast to Midwest), service/communication was great, and install was a breeze (thanks in large measure to posts by Tucker301 as well as others), 10 minutes TOPS from removal of OEM stock to install of S.G. I was also very pleasantly surprised to find that; 1- no additional modification (i.e. dremel grinds) of any kind on either the Steady Grip or SBEII was required to get a "factory fit", 2- the Steady Grip Kit I received included a well designed, product specific "spacer" which when plugged integrally into the Steady Grip before installation (a simple plug/pop-in fit) eliminates the unsightly, dirt attracting and potentially finger pinching "space" between the SBEII trigger guard and the Steady Grip, and 3- the stock Benelli OEM Comfortech recoil pad that came with my SBEII fit (with a fair amount of elbow grease) well enough into the Steady Grip so as to be able to use it in place of the much harder recoil pad that was included with the Steady Grip kit. The Benelli OEM (Comfortech) recoil pad is definitely a "snug" fit into the SG and is slightly oversized, but the differential circumference 'fit" is barely noticeable visually. Now, if I can find an "in-stock" source (Google search, Numrich, Cabella's etc., thus far unsuccessful) for a 13.5 inch LOP OEM Comfortech recoil pad I'll have the perfect set up.


11-08-2006, 08:28 PM


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I have a few extra black steadygrips for SBEII available, let me know if you are interested. $85.00 + Shipping




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