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Why I won't use federal shotgun shells anymore.

Liberty or death Jr.

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Last day of goose season here, I've only shot one, I line up on another goose coming in, and my gun goes boom, I missed. I then went to eject the shell and out comes the brass cap, but no plastic. I look in my chamber and there it is, wedged in the gun. I had to go all the way home and get it out with my gun kit and by that time, my hunt was over :( . All in all, the gun did great, and it did excellent with winchesters, not one problem, but the one box of federal 3-1/2 and half of the shell stays in the gun. It was only the third round out of the box. So, just letting you know why I won't use federal again, I will stick with winchester and hevi-shot. :D

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Sucks but in my opinion next time take a field kit with you so you don't have to go home. Gunslick makes a kit that even comes in camo so you can loose it, ha, ha.


About Federal. I don't think there is ANY ammo on the market that is perfect. With that being said I have now shot 3 boxes of Federal Gold 1 1/4oz, 3 inch, magnum #6 at 1550fps and not once did I have a problem. I also ran 100 of the Walmart Blue Box Federal 1 1/8oz, 2 3/4 inch, #8 at 1200fps with zero problems.


Now I just found out with the industry I work in that I have the opportunity because of our contacts to buy ammo at really good prices. Unfortunately for me it is not Federal. I am a Federal man. The ammo is FIOCCHI. I plan on buying some and checking it out.


I will however not EVER use Winchester unless I am forced to. Reason? I will not support a company that supports Patrick Flannigan.....but that is another story. Let us just say he and I don't get along to well....


Anyway, sorry you had the problem. Remember that kit....



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What do you have against Patrick?


I have never had a problem with federal rifle ammo, but, I hardly ever use federal shotgun shells, and when I do in cold weather, they fall apart :mad: . I'll look into there kit, but I will also just stick with Winchester, never had a problem in the three years I have used them. My brother uses federals and winchester and the winchester shoot way better, for the same price. I like there rifle ammo a lot too, its just a little more expensive then federals.

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