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Stoeger side by side double

Lawrence G. Schiebel

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Sorry to take up your time but I just wanted to pass along something of possible interest to people. I purchased a Stoeger double last month and had to send it in for warranty work due to a very loose forend stock. Came back with the same problem, so I called, got an RMA and sent it back in. Came back with the same problem. Note that I'm comparing my gun to all of the other Stoeger examples at stores around town. So the problem really isn't my imagination, nothing special, just normal function for a double barrel.


I know doubles pretty well and the second time I sent it in I even included a detailed explanation of the problem and solution. At any rate, added to my purchase cost is $40 of shipping for nothing. For what it's worth I do think these guns are a decent value for the low cost, I don't expect the quality of even a $600 gun, but at the very least it should function completely when it's brand new. So the real problem lies with Benelli USA, not the gun maker.


Firstly, they get these guns whole and do not have on hand any spare parts for them at all. So they couldn't just replace the (over-filed at the factory) forend iron, which would have solved the problem. Fit up a new one. Nor obviously, are they willing to send a different gun to replace the customer's defective one. I suppose the scariest problem though is that they have repair people who either do not understand even simple things about the design and mechanics of double guns, or who have a very casual attitude about a job well done- no personal pride in their work. Along with a complete disregard of the problems of other people. Those are the only possible explanations for what happened, there are no others to choose from.


I shouldn't have had to but I fixed the gun myself actually. It was such a simple problem, all I had to do was peen out the metal edge on the forend iron a little bit farther so it strikes the forend hanger on the barrels hard, like it should. Instead of rattling and moving in your hand when you open the gun. It's perfect now. Aaanyways, I don't like being another whiner but I felt like I should just state what my experience has been and that I'm extremely irritated by the poor quality of the Benelli USA organization.


Thanks for taking the time, I'll shutup now-


Larry Schiebel

Madison, WI

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