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M3/M1 barrel question: chokes, shot groups, and add-ons


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Hey all, I'm new here and I just bought a Benelli M3 but haven't been able to use it yet (im up at Westpoint right now and the gun is at home in California).


I just had a few questions I was hoping you all could help out with:


1) does the m3 accept m1 barrels?

2) does the m3 accept screw-in chokes

3) If not, what sort of choke (or equivalent) is installed?

4) What size shot pattern does the M3 with an 18.5" barrel achieve with normal 00 buckshot at, say, 25 yards? How about with slugs at 50-100 yds?

5) will an aftermarket heatshield fit the m1/m3 barrel?


6) Lastly, is the stock magazine tube (the shortest one) long/wide enough to accept a universal barrel mount, or does it have to clamp onto the barrel itself?


I'm sorry, I know thats a **** of a lot of questions but I'm about to throw down some cash on some upgrades so I want a good idea of what will and won't work with the M3. Thanks a lot guys/gals!



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