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M3T shooting questions


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What are your shooting impressions of the M3T folder?


It looks very cool with the folder stock, but aside facilitating entries and exits from a vehicle, why bother? How does it shoot both open and folded?


I am asking, because I have an oppurtunity to pick one up one, as new, for a good price. I have never shot one, just handled one a couple of years ago. The folded stock seemed bulky... Plus you could no longer place ghost tring sights on it.... I already have an M1S90, and I wonder if the M3T would be a good addition, or if I shouldn't bother.


Appreciate your opinion,



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Not sure how well an m3 would fire without being shouldered.


How well does the benelli inertia system operate when the weapon is fired "freehand", ie no shouldering of the weapon, just point and shoot.


If its not reliable, then you could really only use it with the stock deployed. The only real advantage then would just be concealment/maneuverability. Personally, I'd rather have a larger weapon that is stored in a dedicated hassle-free spot so it is ready to tock-and-roll once I grab it rather than an ungainly folded weapon that is much more complicated getting up and going.


I personally don't like the look of top-folders and I think they seriously hamper functionality.

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