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Missing components?


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I just purchased my first shotgun and, being a pistol man for the most part, I'm pretty excited to see this other side of the fence. However, I'm afraid I may have been short-changed on what was supposed to come with it. If anyone could look over these things and let me know if they should have been included, I'll call the dealer Monday morning to let the store know.


Flipping through the manual to the SuperNova Tactical, toward the back I see it mentions a few items that I did not receive.


First off is the Drop Change Kit "The shotgun is supplied with a DCK which enables you to adjust the original drop the shotgun is supplied with. The kit consists of..."


Second, Internal Choke. "The barrel is equipped with interchangeable internal chokes.... To change or clean the internal choke.... unscrew the internal choke using the special tool supplied with the firearm..." It looks something like a metal key and it was not with the gun when I unpacked it from the store.


Lastly, for adjusting the back-sight it mentions a slender, metal wrench. "Using the wrench provided, slacken the two sight screws.." And then it shows a few pictures, a couple of them making adjustments with what looks to be the same key-like tool showed previously for the choke.


Should I have received these three items when I purchased the shotgun? Because I literally only got the gun, an owner's manual, and copies of my receipts tucked into the cardboard box. I've seen a thread or two in this forum talking about a bottle of oil that also usually supplied with the firearm; I didn't receive that either.


Thanks for your help everyone! I paid too much of my hard earned cash to get jipped out of a few minor, yet in my opinion no less important, parts to this excellent shotgun. Not only that, but it's the principle of the matter that bothers me...

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Is this the tactical SN with 18.5 inch barrel, or a SN hunting version. If it is the tactical, you should not have gotten a wrench or chokes. But you should have gotten the shim kit. If you have the hunting version, you should have 3 chokes, IC, M and F. Or 1 notch, 3 notch, and 4 notch, and a wrench, and the shim kit.


I'm guessing since you said ghost ring, you have the tactical version, in which you would only recieve a shim kit, and 'maybe' a wrench for your ghost ring sights.

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Yes, it is the Tactical version. If I didn't get the shim kit, is that something I should be worried about or not really? I don't plan on doing anything fancy with the shotgun other than recreational shooting at the range every now and then.


But if I were to get more involved in maybe sport shooting or hunting, is the shim kit something I'd then have a great need for? Sorry for being so green with shotguns, I appreciate all of your help!

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You can give Benelli customer service a call and let them know you did not get a shim kit with the gun. They should send you one. Or tell the guy or store you got the gun from you did not get the shim kit with it. They should give you one.


I wouldn't worry to much about it, but it is something I would like to have. It just makes the gun fit better then without it. My standard nova isn't adjustable at all. I shoot just fine with it.

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