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New to Benelli forums (M3 stock?)


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Hey folks,


For ~15 years I've been the happy owner of a pre-ban M3T S90 and am looking for some advice. For a variety of reasons, I'm thinking of putting a (non-folding) regular pistol grip stock on it, but I'll keep the folder in my collection. Anyone have experience with Speedfeed IV-s stocks on a Super 90 or any other SG? Sorry if that's sacrilege, but my M3T always seemed a bit long, and the shorter pull length might be nice.


Also, I've got the open rifle sights on the top of the barrel and wanted to install some trijicon/meprolight sights. I'll definitely do the front post, but does anyone know of rear night sights for the open rifle (not Ghost Ring) sights?


Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.


Cleaning it the other day I got a kick out of the manual photos for assembly/disassembly. They show some suave Italian guy dressed up in a suit demonstrating with the M3T, looking ready for a board meeting. Anyhow, looked like he meant business to me!:D

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Right now, you could probably get enough money for your folding stock version to buy a new M-3 which already has a pistol grip stock and night sights. The other issue you will have to address is how easy/hard will it be to take the folding-stock modified rear sight off....and how easy is it to find a replacement.


My experience with adding things to my M-3 is that by the time I am through, I have spent more money than just buying an M-3 with all of the gadgets already installed.


Just my 2 cents.

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Thanks for the advice NB. The stock is easy to replace- just like most of the Benelli line. It was designed to be swapped out with the PG stock: all you need is a wrench and it's even in the manual.


As for the sights, it's a bummer that they're not the ghost rings, but they are rifle style sights that will work fine for my purposes (especially sluggin' away!).

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