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Will Super Nova "Steady Grip" work on my Nova?


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Hi all.


Newbie here. My first gun is a Benelli Nova Tactical pump and I'm happy as a clam. :)


Does anyone know for sure if I can swap out the standard stock with the Steady Grip stock that can be bought with the new Super Nova?


I'd like to buy it if it'll fit, so I can get a better grip on my weapon when I fire slugs (which I love firing!).



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Is your tactical from the Super Nova line? I.E., does it have a removable stock? Or is the stock and reciever one seamless piece?


If your answers are "No, No, Yes." Then your answer is "no."


If your answers are "Yes, Yes, No." Then your answer is "yes."


If your answers are anything else, you are completely confused and need further assistance.

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