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M1 and M3 cycling problem

Alberto Hart

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Hi everybody:

This is my first time here, and started by doing some questions:

I have a M1 and a M3 Benelli, and both of them are showing the same problem.

If I handle it tight, the shotgun cycling process is failing. But if I keep it hanging, then works fine.

Does anyone knows what It may be going on wrong?.

Thanks in advance.

Alberto Hart, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Are you using light loads, less than 3 dram 1 1/8 oz will not cycle in these guns. Also, tactical buckshot (light stuff) doesnt do well either. If you have added more than about 1 pound of weight (tactical light, mag extension, side saddle, optics, rails combined with a full load of ammo) this can make the gun too heavy to cycle. Remember, this gun is recoil operated and if it's too heavy to recoil then it can't function (i.e. put the gun on a diet and lighten it up some). Also, OIL THE GUN. Sorry I seem to shout this but it is very important. If there is no oil where the bolt slides or in the recoil assembly then it can't move freely to function. One last thing. The pistol grip stocks are heavier than the regular stocks and you can also buck into them more because of the grip and by doing that you can shut down the operation. This should give you some place to start being I have limited info about either gun but I'm just giving you the rundown based upon experience of working with them. If you let me know some more details I could probably help point you in the right direction.

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Thanks for your comments.

I have the M1 since 1991, and shot it in IPSC matches since then.

The shotgun allways worked fine, and never had a jam for many years.

And from one day to another...it doesn`t work anymore.

The shotgun has the very same configuration, it had for over these years (13 + 1 rounds, with a 26" barrel). I didn`t add or took off anything.

What`s curious, is that recently I bought a M3, brand new in box. And it started to jam exactly like the old M1.

I`m using really powerfull shells. 36 grams Fiocchi ones, and tried with Remington 00 buck shots.

If I keep it hanging at one side, it works great. The problem is when I hold it tight trying to stand the recoil.

The M1 has fired at least, 50,000 rounds through it.

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I can't be sure if your M1 has the rebound or solid plunger in it. If it has a rebound plunger in it then it could be comming apart or unscrewing. If this is the case then it needs to be fixed or at least a new recoil spring put in. If the plunger unscrews it will make the stroke of the bolt shorter keeping the shell from ejecting properly and/or at least effect the overall function of the gun. Also check the barrel extension (silver part of barrel) to make sure it's not cracked in the locking lugs. The M3, well I do know that you must have patience with the gun. Try not to hold it so hard for a while, keep it oiled and put some rounds through it as best you can to break it in. Without actually handling the gun, it's difficult to show you what needs to be done.

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