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M2 field or Cordoba


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I am torn between these 2 guns. Can anyone tell me the differance of these guns ? My local guy is no help, He is telling me" the cordoba must be a better gun because it cost's more "


I will be using this gun as a "all around" shotgun some clays some hunting and some trap. Any help in this matter would be greatly appriciated.





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I cannot comment on the cordoba, however my wife just bought the M2 12 guage. It comes complete with shims,lube, all choke tubes, and a nice small plastic case. As far as shooting, we have only done trap, but that new Benelli stock sure does reduce recoil and it has worked very well so far at 350 shells through it using 2 3/4 trap loads and 3" long range. As far as auto loaders go, this shotgun I feel is good value for the dollar ($1500.00 can $). I just wish she would let me shoot it a little more. Good luck on your decision

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Just a bit more... I looked up the Cordoba, and you have to ask yourself if you need the extra shell capacity, a slot in the forearm to count shells and a ported barrel. Ported barrels do reduce muzzle jump a bit but our M2 recovers quick for a second followup shot. I think for Trap, skeet, and some game birds the M2 will suit you. If you have someone at your local range with a Cordoba I'm sure they will let you try theirs...An M2 should be easy to find at a range. Our club had 4 last weekend.

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