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Test results of Nova recoil reducer.


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I finally got around to going out to my local range (a huge gravel pit) to conduct a test on my Nova with the optional mercury recoil reducer. End result: Moderate difference, but definitely worth the extra cost if you're going to use magnum 3" or 3.5".


To do the test I first fired the gun without the reducer using a variety of shells: 2 3/4" skeet up to heavy slug, 3" magnum duck loads and 3" slugs, ending off with a 3 1/2" turkey shell. That last one nearly broke my arm!


Next I installed the reducer and fired the same series of shots. The difference was definitely noticable, much more so with the 3" slugs and 3 1/2" turkey shell. Actually I don't think I'll ever put one of those through this gun again without the recoil reducer.


Was the reducer worth the extra cost? If you only plan on shooting 2 3/4" rounds, not really. If you're going after geese or turkey, definitely.


To end my test I installed a Simm's Limbsaver precision fit recoil pad. First of all, it's a huge pain in the ass to install. There's a plastic insert that goes just inside the stock but it has to fit tight so a pair of pliers was necessary to wrestle it into the proper position. Then the pad screws into the insert holding the pad firmly in place. (hint: run the screws through the insert several times before installing it! They will be really tight and you need to set the thread in the plastic.) I also recommend the replacing the stock phillips screws with a square robinson screw. You're working blind on the screws and the phillips were starting to strip. This whole process was a huge pain in the ass so I was really hoping it made a big difference.


So...... back to some shooting. I fired the same series of shots as before and was very happy to say that my time and money was well spent. The combination of the mercury recoil reducer and the limbsaver pad made a big difference. The 3 1/2" turkey rounds were actually tolerable. The 2 3/4" shells felt like nothing.


Overall it was a great day of shooting and I'm happy with the results. Hunting season for spruce grouse and rock ptarmigan opens next week and I've already got my gear laid out in the garage.

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