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Benelli M4, Possibly Another problem


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While I was cleaning my M4 after a good shoot, I noticed a mark inside of the barrel just right of the two gas ports on the right. About a quarter inch forward of the forcing cone. The object looked similar to the way one of the gas ports looked. On previous cleaning occassions, I paid it no attention.

Those of you whom have handled the M4 know that looking at these ports is difficult to do.

Naturally, I thought it was some debris that had built up. So I soaked the bore in MPro7 for about an hour since my bore brush wasn't removing it.

Upon swabbing it clean, the spot was unaffected.

I've come to believe that this is likely a chip in the chrome barrel...

Like I said earlier, it has been there since I first cleaned the weapon, but didn't pay it any attention since I assumed it was one of the barrel ports.

Some of you will remember that during the first 50 rounds thru this shotgun, it experienced a massive failure in the gas system which broke one of the stainless steel gas pistons in half.

I know I didn't scratch it with a guide rod, because I only use a bore snake.

No reloads of any sort have been used in it. I've never even used any 3" magnum loads.

The weapon has between 700 - 1000 rounds thru it.

Looks like another month long trip to Benelli. :(


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I'll have to call monday to get an RAN. I just hope its nothing stupid like a lead smudge that is stuborn. I highly doubt it by the looks of it, and I doubt it would get bigger.

I tried to take a picture with the digital camera, but it is impossible to get a good picture.

I doubt the broken gas piston and this barrel pitting is linked because the opposite side piston is the one that broke.

As much trouble as I am having though, I would like Benelli to simply replace the barrel and gas system.

What sucks is the barrel was scheduled to be magnaported soon.

...and I just got my sling.





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