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Couple Questions about new SBEII LH


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After assembling my new SBEII LH Friday I took it out and shot it some. I had a box of 2.75", 3", and 3.5" all Federal, all No. 2 shot, and the 2.75 being 1(1/8) oz (the minimum recommended).


Anyway, the 3 and 3.5's shot fine (and honestly the 3's felt like they kicked just as much as the 3.5's, whereas the 2.75's were nothing). After shooting around 5 of the larger shells, I loaded up three 2.75's, just to see if I would run into any cycling problems. Well, I did...the second round didn't cycle into the barrel correctly (although the 2nd to 3rd cycle did work). I guess I'm off to buy some turkey loads and abuse my shoulder.


Here are my main questions. I took it out again to shoot today, and started off with some 3 inchers. The first shot didn't cycle correctly and left the shot casing hung between the barrel and the bolt trying to close on it. I removed it, and shot the remaining two shells. After the last shell was shot, as always, the bolt remains to the rear, which it did in this case. However, upon tipping the gun down to carry it, it sounded like something was loose inside. I looked it all over and it seemed to be fine. Then I tried to load two more 3 inchers (and as far as I can tell I am loading them correctly, by making sure the gun is cocked, and then with the bolt forward, pushing two shells in from the bottom of the gun into the magazine, and then pulling the bolt back by hand while simultaneously sticking the third shot in the chamber.) Thing is, it was extremely difficult to load the shells in the bottom of the gun. The angle they were coming in at made it hard to load them. They would load, but it took a lot of force that it didn't need to take, something's gotta be up with it.


So I brought it home, took the barrel off, and removed the bolt. This is where I found my noise. If I tilt the bolt up and down, it sounds like something is sliding up and down inside of it (I haven't taken it apart, but going by the disassembly in the Benelly manual, it is probably the "bolt recoil spring. I suspect this because when I push in the "locking head", the noise disappears.).


I don't remember the gun making this noise Friday, but I just might not have heard it. Is this normal?


What about the tough loading situation? Any ideas? It seems as if the lever thing on the bottom just isn't tucking itself up into the gun far enough to allow for a better angle to load the shells. 2.75's load easier than the 3's and 3.5's.


Thanks to all, and I apologize for writing a book on the subject, but feel that the more information I give you will result in a better answer.

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I have the SBE2 in lefthand camo, you are correct with the bolt recoil spring, i thought the same thing,

but my brother has the sbe1 and i took his bolt out and it made the same noise..but i had to shake it a little harder...probably becasue he's used it alot and he's got oil inside the firing pin because he spray's it with wd40 when he's done...you don't have to do this, i would just wipe down the firing bolt...being careful not to get any oil in the pin hole!

As for the shell jamming, it could be the shells, Benelli says that it take about 100-200 rounds to

break the gun in! You can also call the Benelli help desk, they are very helpful..

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Did you clean the gun before you shot it?


I was told that the gun comes with a protective coating and if you shoot it before you clean it this coating will harden and become very sticky.


The guy that sold me my gun told me he would clean my gun for me for $20 right out of the box, but if I shot a box of shells through it without cleaning it first he would charge me $100.


I cleaned my gun first with gun scrubber and sprayed it down with remoil. I let it dry over night before assembling it. I broke it in duck hunting for several weekends in a row using mostly 3 1/2" shells. After cycling 5-6 boxes of 3 1/2" steel shot I began using 1 1/8 oz. dove loads and haven't had a hang up yet. The only hang ups I've had were some dud shells left over from last year and the BB's only rolled out the barrel on the opener of Teal season. I finished with 3 Teal and couldn't have easily had a limit had those shells fired.


Clean it before you shoot it and shoot several boxes of 3" or 3 1/2" before shooting 2 3/4".

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The rattle is ok...sheeesh! It's just the inertia spring rattling in the bolt. They all do it. And use a good oil in the gun, something with some viscosity to it instead of a thin oil. Make sure you put it in the recoil assy and on the bolt rails. Before you ask how you get it into the recoil assy. On any SBE with the barrel off, look at the end of the recoil plunger at the rear of the receiver and push it down with something like a cleaning rod, drip some oil down into the walls of the tube and work it up and down. That should be enough to oil it. Benellis love oil, pay no attention to the myths.

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I know what you mean about the recoil difference between the 3” and 3.5” shells. A friend and I was at the indoor range three months ago and when he shot my SBEII in both 3” and 3.5” shells; he had the same opinion that I had.


There is not much difference in the recoil between the 3” and 3.5” shells. To me, I can tell a slight difference. I love shooting the 2.75” shells with the ComforTech stock. Nice and soft. Especially after those Magnum Turkey loads. smile.gif


Were you at an indoor range or outside? If outside, was it cold?


Did you field strip the SBEII per the manual and using a cleaner like M-Pro7, clean the barrel, receiver, the disassembled bolt assembly (including the parts) and the trigger assembly (do not disassemble the trigger assembly per the manual for cleaning)?


What kind of lubricant are you using on the gun?


Did you lubricate all the metal parts with the oil?


Put a couple of drops on each slide rail just before reassembly.


Regarding the loading of shells. No, you should not have to force them into the magazine. If you are, something is very wrong. Stop at this point and determine the problem.


The problem I had loading shells into the magazine on my SBEII was due to the bolt was not “slammed” shut. In other words, when the bolt is locked to the back of the receiver (breech open), release the bolt using the button on the right-hand side of the gun and let the bolt slam shut. When I did that, I was able to load shells into the magazine easily and the shell carrier moved out of the way.


After thoroughly cleaning and oiling the gun, if you are still having the problem with loading shells after letting the bolt slam shut, I would contact Benelli USA to request assistance or repair.


Regards threeshot

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