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Fore-End Magazine Tube stuck


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Greetings Benelli fans, I'm new to white tails, hardwood forests, and my Benelli M2. Having returned from a succesful hunt it's now time to strip and clean the gun ... but the fore-end mag tube will not slide off the end of the magazine. I've previously stripped the gun several times for practice and after sighting and I know the tube can be a bit stiff but right now it's only moving about 1/16" and rotates ever so slightly.


Benelli's website and manual seem a bit short of suggestions to troubleshoot the problem and I'm hoping to avoid the gunsmith option. So, if anyone has a suggestion to help I'd really appreciate it.




For anyone who might eventually search this sight with a similar problem ... I asked a buddy to come over and help. We pulled from separate ends of the gun and after a couple of good hard tugs the tube and barrel both popped loose.:)

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