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Super Nova Steady Grip Trigger Removal


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Hi all.....


My name is John and this is my first Benelli (I'm a Beretta guy). I bought the Super Nova with the Steady Grip.


I read the manual and looked pretty straight forward (except for the part where I have to remove the trigger to remove the bolt). OK I thought no problem so I pulled the pins like the instructions said, but it would not move.....it is in there solid.


How do you clean the bolt, do you HAVE to remove the trigger? If so, is there a trick to removing the trigger on this model?


Thanks in advance.



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Hi John! I recently purchased the same hardware you now have and I too ran into the same dilemma. With the pistol grip, I'm sure you've noticed how it "wedges" the trigger guard into the gun. Well, don't yank on it or anything, there's a way around that. It involves the extra step of removing the buttstock and is the only way to remove the trigger guard to get the gun's innards. Why the manual doesn't explain this I have no idea...


To do this, just take a firm grip on the rubber shoulder pad at the back of the shotgun, and pull it away. I find that it's easier to sort of "tear" it downward as though you were pulling the skin away from a banana. It's a little tough to do the first few times you take it off, but after that it becomes easier.


Once you get that part off, you need to then remove the bolt that sets inside the stock. This will let you slide the stock completely away from the frame and voila! You can now remove the trigger guard as shown in the manual =)


Once you're done cleaning just do everything in reverse, BEING SURE that you put the rubber shoulder pad back on! I just take the pointed "knife" end, slide that into position, then ram the curved upper end firmly into place.


If you have any problems let me know!

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