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For Sale: Benelli M-3 26" Shotgun Barrel ONLY $500


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M-3 26" EZ Screw In Barrel Replacement, Barrel is a smooth bore type and has shotgun type bead:


I have a gently used Benelli M-3 26" Shotgun Barrel ONLY for sale shipped to CONUS for $500. Having spent more than 2 years finding this one barrel, I am reluctant to part with it, but moving expenses make its sale a probability.


History: Few of you who own a Benelli M-3 know that Benelli (at one time) made a 26" smooth bore barrel which accepted choke tubes. As I understand it, only a few were ever imported in the past; and even now (although you can see them on certain Benelli websites as being available for ordering +$600) no one has them in stock or can give you a date when they will have them in stock.


Having used the M-3 long barrel to shoot a limited number of rounds of trap/skeet (work duties keep me from regular shooting activities), I can tell you that both the look on other traditional shotgun shooter's faces and their loud comments: "I can't believe that they allow an assault shotgun to be used on this range;" are worth every penny of the barrels cost. Also, with the extended barrel, the M-3 can be used in a wide variety of hunting activities.


Interested? Drop me an e-mail.

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Your comment is very interesting because I too contacted Impact arms several times starting in September 2006 about buying the same barrel. On each and every occassion, they told me that they were no longer stocking Benelli parts.


I wonder how they found the barrel you bought?

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