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Rhino with SBEII


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Hey guys, just ordered my Rhino choke and nitro shells from wings supply off the internet. I spoke to the lady at rhino, who wasn't very friendly at all because I wasnt buying straight from here, but she made me take my choke out and see where the threads were. They're like 3/4" down the barrel so she told me to get the extrema .660 rhino choke. I'm guessing the same choke fits the Beretta Extrema and Benelli SBE II.


However, I didnt buy the nitro shells listed for the SBE II on nitrocompany.com. Instead of the item #H517, I still got the hevishot shells 3.5" 2 oz. 4x5x7. A recent post on here somebody had the same thing and said it was deadly, so I guess I'm ok. I'm sure the performance wont be much better with the #H517 shells.

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I shoot that set up from my SBE 2 and it is wickedly deadly. I found the load on accident. My local gunsmith sells Rhino chokes and Nitro Ammunition.

(I didn't know that he sold the chokes until after I bought my choke from Rhino and paid shipping!)

I went to get the Nitro 2 1/4 oz loads from him last year because the set up shot really good for my buddy, but he was out and only had the 2 oz loads. What the heck, we went out and test shot a couple. To our amazement, especially his, the 2 oz loads patterned better at longer distances than the 2 1/4 oz loads!

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