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Interchanging SBE parts


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I purchased a SBE in 2003 and am looking to purchase another SBE as a 'backup' for when I travel to hunt. I believe the year of manufacture is 2002 because of the 'BS' stamp on the side of the receiver. The serial number is U198xxx. Recently I called SRM to replace the action spring and had some questions regarding the manufacture date and serial number. Their website indicated that SBEs with serial numbers above 185000 were manufactured after 2004 and have 21mm threads as do the new SBE. Well the serial number on my gun is above 185000, but it was not manufactured in 2004 or later.


It doesn't really matter to me one way or the other. I am just curious as to which serial numbers I should be looking for to ensure that I can swap internals when something comes up and I am 700 miles from home. With the exception of the action spring, are all the internals of the SBE interchangeable? Were there changes after HK quit importing? I know the safety style changed at some point, but am unsure of any other internal changes. Any info would be appreciated.

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